Boulder Opal allows Cherise Thomson to create jewellery that is personal, unique and authentic. Each setting and each stone is selected to be united in one piece. 

"I create one-of-a-kind jewelry, with a dedication to strong organic design, finest materials and best local craftsmanship. I source the best quality Australian Opals and can trace the origins of each stone, ensuring my jewelry is produced ethically wherever possible. Every piece is handmade here in New Zealand, and comes with sustainable packaging made from locally sourced leather.

Boulder opal was formed during the Cretaceous period between 65-140 million years ago and is extremely rare – it can only be found in Queensland, Australia. The opal is contained in veinlets found within ironstone boulders. The ironstone gives the precious opal durability and means boulder opal almost never cracks or crazes as it ages.

The extraordinary rarity of opal is borne out by the fact that 98% of all opal found is unusable. As a result, the industry is boutique and artisanal, unlike the gem trade. All opals are hand-cut. Generally valued for their colour, brightness and pattern, opals mimic the artist’s palette – predominantly the turquoise greens, Prussian blues, ultramarines and fiery sparkles of yellow-orange. They are filled with light and can reflect the entire spectrum of the rainbow.